The Forsyth County Environmental Health Division Plan Review program is a process by which all new facilities are reviewed prior to construction. In addition, a schedule is submitted and monitored to ensure that all requirements and state rules are followed.

Once it has been reviewed and approved, the construction process can begin. Please see our Construction Guidelines. The Environmental Health Division is available during this time for assistance and guidance as needed. As you near completion of the construction you will need to submit a Permit Application at least 30 days before the opening date. If you are purchasing an existing foodservice establishment you may need to submit a Transitional Permit Application. If you are unsure of which application to use, please contact us at 336-703-3225 so that we may assist you.

At the end of the construction process, a pre-opening inspection is performed to verify that the facility has been properly constructed and meets all guidelines and requirements. The Plan Review Process for Chain Establishments is provided by the State Plan Review Unit.