Are you interested in building in an area not serviced by public or community sewers?

If so, it is necessary to use a septic tank system. The soil/site evaluation is the first step in determining if a lot is suitable for a septic tank system. This evaluation is also used when there is an existing house and septic tank system, but a proposed bedroom addition requires that the size of the septic system be increased.

During the evaluation, information is gathered for issuing an improvement permit and an authorization for septic tank construction. They use the facts they collect at the site evaluation to help determine a specific lot's ability to support a septic tank system.

Soil Site evaluation applications shall be completed and signed by the owner of the property or their designated “Authorized Agent”. The Environmental Health Specialist will contact the owner or authorized agent when the permit is ready for pick-up at the office. At this time the owner or authorized agent will sign the permit and pay any required fees.

If the property owner wishes to have an authorized agent to act on their behalf, the property owner will be required to complete an Authorization to Act as Agent for Owner Form. This form specifies and grants authority to those listed on this form to make decisions on behalf of the owner and apply, receive, sign, obtain applications/permits on behalf of the owner.

Additional Information on Soil/Site Evaluations

To expediate the Soil/Site evaluation process, please ensure you have completed the entire application thoroughly, including all of the relevant items on the application checklist. If anything is not completed or marked properly when the environmental health specialist arrives to the job site, he/she will be unable to perform the evaluation. This will result in a revisit fee to the property owner and also delay any issuing of permits.