If you are in need of a water supply well for irrigation, household or business use, then you will need to obtain a Well Construction Permit Application. The application shall be completed and signed by the owner of the property with the appropriate fee included. The owner will contact the Department and set a time to meet on the site to issue the well construction permit. It is recommended to have the certified well contractor onsite at the time of issuance of the well construction permit, to assist with viable site locations. It is the owner’s responsibility to convey a copy of the permit to the well contractor, which will be kept onsite during the well construction process.

If a property owner wishes to designate an “Authorized Agent” to act on their behalf, sign for the well construction application and receive the well construction permit issued in the field, an Authorization to Act as Agent for Owner Form is required. This form must be fully executed before any person can act as an agent for the property owner.

After the well has been constructed, or drilled, an environmental health specialist will visit the job site during the grout placement and to inspect the well head to ensure it has the necessary requirements (i.e. tags, hose bib, etc.). When the well has passed inspection and has electricity to operate the pump, the property owner should call the Environmental Health office of the Forsyth County Department of Public Health at (336) 703-3225 to set up an appointment for a water sample to be collected. The cost of the initial water sample analysis is included in with the well construction permit fee. Any additional resample analysis fees (if necessary) are shown below.

Well Rules

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