Septic tank systems do not work forever. If you are having problems with your septic tank system, take a look at the questions below. Answer them with “yes” or “no”; even if your answer is “sometimes”, still answer with a “yes”.

  • Is sewage or effluent being discharged from your septic tank system onto the surface of the ground, surface waters, or directly into the groundwater?
  • Is sewage or effluent backing up into your home, facility, drains, or septic tank?
  • Is there sewage or effluent within 3” of the finished grade over the septic tank system?
  • Is it necessary to have your septic tank pumped more than once per month to avoid answering “yes” to one or more of the above questions?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, you have a malfunctioning septic tank system. Please complete the Application for Authorization for Wastewater System Construction (Repairs) or Aplicacion para Autorizacion de Construccion o Reparacion de Sistemas de Agua Residuales. Submit it to the Environmental Health Division of the Department of Public Health as soon as possible.

Repair Soil Site evaluation applications shall be completed and signed by the owner of the property or their designated “Authorized Agent”. The Environmental Health Specialist will contact the owner or authorized agent when the permit is ready for pick-up at the office. At this time the owner or authorized agent will sign the permit.

If the property owner wishes to have an authorized agent to act on their behalf, the property owner will be required to complete an Authorization to Act as Agent for Owner Form. This form specifies and grants authority to those listed on this form to make decisions on behalf of the owner and apply, receive, sign, obtain applications/permits on behalf of the owner.