As the availability of public water (i.e. city or county water) continues to increase throughout Forsyth County, more and more people are disconnecting their water supply wells from their home. These "disconnected" wells are not considered to be abandoned. To abandon a well means to discontinue the use of and to seal the well according to all applicable rules.

If you have a well on your property that is no longer in use, acts as a source or channel of contamination, or if there are circumstances (i.e. septic system installation or pest treatment) that require the well be terminated, then you need to apply for a Well Abandonment. Once your application is received, an environmental health specialist from this office will visit your property to evaluate the well. The environmental health specialist will measure the depth and diameter of the well, distances from other structures and note if the well is grouted. Grout is a mixture of cement-type material that is placed around the outer casing of the well to act as a seal. After this has been done, the certified well driller* you choose will set up an appointment with an environmental health specialist to actually abandon the well.

Keep in mind that a certified well driller* and an environmental health specialist must be on the premises during the entire abandonment process.

The well abandonment process varies for each type of well (i.e. drilled, bored, brick-lined, etc.). If you have specific questions regarding the actual abandonment process, please call the Environmental Health office of the Health Department.

* Well owners may abondon their own well with an Environmental Health Specialist on the premises if done in accordance with all applicable rules.